Olivia Plant

January 30, 2016

Profile Information: Name : Olivia Plant DOB : 22/05/1993 Citizenship : German Education : University of Twente Major : International Business Administration Religion : Christian What is your reason to join with TFI? I wanted to help local communities What is your opinion about TFI? I think it is...

David Hwan

January 30, 2016

Profile Information : Name : David Hwan DOB : 24 – 08 – 1994 Citizenship : Netherlands Education : University of Amsterdam Major : Tax Economics & Philosophy Religion : Agnostic What is your reason to join with TFI? I took a half year to help out in Indonesia...

Yeongmin Kim

October 20, 2015

It was a significant experience for me to do volunteer works with the TFI. It helped open my eyes to understand the real meaning of volunteering. We carried out programs with a topic “Sharing the learning”. The reason why I selected the topic for volunteering was that I felt...

Majed Dowayan

October 1, 2015

Joining the TFI team was a truly remarkable experience. I was fortunate to be surrounded with amazing people at all times from organizers to volunteers. The volunteering program at TFI opened my eyes to new experiences. We taught English twice a week to unprivileged middle-school students in Nurani Insani...

Vu Thi Thanh Van (Van Iris)

October 1, 2015

“T” is the amateur Teachers who always try their best to make their kids happy, is the Toughness of the volunteers who are always on TFI ‘s side. T is the precious Time we share together and T is the Tear when we have to say good bye… “F”...

Marina Alexandra Laurenso Goncalves

September 23, 2015

“In my honests words, I felt TFI project as one project from the heart. All the people who works here, do it not for money but because are really interested to help and improvement children skills. It is a nobel and important work. And I hope that the success...

Carolina dos Santos Fialho

September 23, 2015

“TFI was one of the best experiences I ever had. I was welcome very kindly and I felt free to improve and develop myself on human being TFI made me touch lives and changed my perspective in life forever. I will certainly keep on doing volunteer work in Portugal!!”...

Anna Koeglmeier

September 23, 2015

“I had a very good experience here in Jakarta. It made me happy to help the kids to improve their English. I hope that TFI goes on with their volunteer because they all do a very good job. I was happy that I could have helped you a bit.”...

Yoon, Kwang, Sunny and Jae

September 23, 2015

For short time with TFI, I can feel the importance of volunteer work, also good impression of Indonesia. For the future, and also for the children themselves, it was very necessary and valuable activity. If I knew it before, I would enjoyed the activity for long time. Thank you...

Jeremy Jor

September 23, 2015

Profile Information Jeremy Jor Canada, January 20 1992 Social Service Worker Student George Brown College Joined with TFI 29th July – 19 August 2015 Activity : Teaching at “Sitanala” Learning House   To see his opinion and experience about TFI, kindly to klik this link Thank You