“Its hard for me to write the suggestion on TFI because you are perfect, leaving nothing to be desired”

Name : Tsai Ding Ting (Tim)
DOB : 1996 / 10 / 3
Citizen : Taiwan
Education : Cheng Kung University

What is your reason to join with TFI?
I like children
I want toexperience school life in Indonesia.

What is your opinion about TFI?

What activities have you done in TFI?
Teaching English
Playing basketball

Can you give some testimonial about TFI?
I appreciate that TFI give us the chance to teach in Indonesia. This activity let me know how friendly Indonesian are. When i see the kids, smile, i feel happy and a sense of achievement. I am glad to see the children feel interesting in learning English and start to speak English not just reading and writing. And give a chance to promote Taiwanese culture, so do teach them Mandarin. People in TFI treat us well, too. They are nice and willing to chat with us even though my poor English, lol. I am thankful for TFI’s kindness. I am glad that joining TFI project.

My favorite project is educating, communicating with children is pretty interesting. Even though they are shy to speak English with me, but after teaching, they start too speak English. That gave me a sense of achievement. Besides, I teach them some Mandarin, too. I am surprised that they are interested in Mandarain, too. Teaching is interesting for me, I’m in love.

Its hard for me to write the suggestion on TFI, because you are perfect, leaving nothing to be desired.

Tim video testimoni, click here.