Profile Information :

Name : David Hwan
DOB : 24 – 08 – 1994
Citizenship : Netherlands
Education : University of Amsterdam
Major : Tax Economics & Philosophy
Religion : Agnostic

What is your reason to join with TFI?
I took a half year to help out in Indonesia whereever i was needed. TFI needed an English teacher and an English programme so I became a teacher and made a programme.

What is your opinion about TFI?
It has good people and a lot of potential. If we can educate the volunteers well and maximize the resources and contacts TFI has, we really can make a change together.

What activities have you done in TFI?
– Teaching at Sitanala
– Teaching Bimbel
– Teaching at Tanjung Pasir
– Teaching at a new programme by Hilda
– Assisting with TFI events
– Making an English teaching guidebook and schedule

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