It was a significant experience for me to do volunteer works with the TFI. It helped open my eyes to understand the real meaning of volunteering. We carried out programs with a topic “Sharing the learning”. The reason why I selected the topic for volunteering was that I felt the necessity of taking more interest in issues happening throughout global society and that I wanted to try to find a solution to those problems at collegiate level.

The program was divided into two parts.

1. Education service

+ Purpose: to teach children who have a low-level of education

+ The kind of education

#Sitanala’s Learning House

  • Hygiene education (Hand wash, Brush teeth)
  • English education(Alphabet, Alphabet song)
  • Science education(Making the rubber power flag)

#Nurani Insani Foundation’s School

  • Art education (Mosaic-World map)
  • Global citizen education(The right of global citizens, The importance of English)

2. Forum between Khunghee University & Binus Uniersity

+ Subject: Knowledge of Volunteering Dissemination

+ Contents

  • Session 1 : Presentation of Volunteer Service
  • Session 2 : What is “Volunteering“?
  • Session 3 : Roles of Social Elites
  • Session 4 : Setting goals

I think volunteering is not just giving something special to people but giving some motivation to people and the next generation. It is interacting with others in need. I’d like to seek after volunteer work that goes beyond the scope of just giving goods, services, or just help and towards one that helps make the people in need become self-reliant. During my volunteering program with TFI, I felt that communication with the people in need is crucial to achieve better and more effective volunteer work. So, let’s give service what receiver wants.

If we feel a greater sense of responsibility and gradually practice an action plan in our local & global community, we will see our society changing a little by a little. Although it’s not tremendous change, I think it will bring a ripple effect on the whole community.

There should be sharing where learning exists!

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