“Its a special experience. T have been aboard and this is my first time”

Name : Cheng – Jung Hsieh (Leo)
DOB : 1996 / 24 / 6
Citizen : Taiwanese
Education : Cheng Kung University
Major : Psychology

What is your reason to join with TFI?
I want to broadcast my horizon and do something meaningful at the same time.

What is your opinion about TFI?
I think workers here all have passion, that is great.

What activities have ou done in TFI?
We taught children with some activities.

Can you give some testimonial about TFI?
It is special experience. I have never been aboard and this is my first time. I was hesitant before i made this decision. However, i am here now, and i’m not afraid. We are having fun with co-workers and children and learning a lot of from this experience at the same time. I appreciate that TFI gives me the chance to try getting out of my comfort zone to see the world outside our university. This is good opportunity for everyone whoever want to make a improvement of them self and also the world. I will recommend my friends to join the TFI project. I think they will have a good time here.

My favorite part is interactive with children. Although they are nervous sometimes, they still try to speak out their English. They even teach me some Indonesian words. I think we can encourage them more to speak.

To see Leo’s video testimony, please click here.