SUNNY – Korea

For short time with TFI, I can feel the importance of volunteer work, also good impression of Indonesia. For the future, and also for the children themselves, it was very necessary and valuable activity. If I knew it before, I would enjoyed the activity for long time. Thank you for this precious experience, TFI.


KWANG – Korea

Hello. It’s Kwang from KOREA. It was very great time to meet you guys and all of Indonesian children. Thank you very much and see you again!


YOON – Korea

Even though it was short, helping out TFI and interacting with kids was a very meaningful experience to me. It was an honor fot me to get involved in this good actively cause in a foreign country since I don’t normally sek out for volunteer work. Also, it has been a pleasure for me to have an opportunity to meet different people and I was grateful for their warm welcome and hospitality. Thank you so much . terimakashi!


JAE – Korea

There are those kind of program in Korea also. However, TFI is different. It is for children sincerely. I appreciate for working in Indonesia. Thank you