TFI is well-organized. TFI carried out many projects not only in educational fields. The stuff are very friendly and diligent. I felt they really wanted to change Indonesia. I think TFI can do it in the future.

Profile Information

Full Name : Yosuke Kikuchi

DOB  :17 November 1993

Nationality: Japanese

University: Waseda University

Major: Economics

My Motivation joining with TFI

I joined TFI through AIESEC. I have three reasons why I chose TFI. First, I went to Thailand and Cambodia two years ago. I like people and culture in Southeast Asia, so I really wanted to go to a country in Southeast Asia which I had not been to.

Second, I’m interested in education. I like children and to teach someone. And I wanted to use my experience to teach children.

My Activities at TFI

I usually teach children from 1 to 6 grades from Tuesday to Thursday. The subjects are English, Math and Japanese. In addition to that, I took part in some events which were organized by TFI.