I think, I’m really happy to be a member of TFI now, Indonesia is neighborhood country, but the culture is different with Japan a lot. I was sometimes confused but someone always help me.

I could find also that Indonesian people and Japanese people are similar, shy but kind.

Thank you a lot for everything!!!


Profile Information

JANUARY 8, 2015

Name               : Mika Nagakura

Date of Birth   : 13/2/1994

Nationality      : Japan

University       : Tama University

Major              : School of Global Studies

My Motivation  joining with TFI

First, I had never been to Asian Country. That’s why I really wanted to go to Asia. Second, I have been to study abroad twice, New Zealand and Canada. As a next step, I wanted to Join Internship abroad.


My activities at TFI

Teaching children in Sitanala for 2 days

Teaching children at BINUS University Campus Anggrek for 3 days.