“TFI is an outstanding example of what young passionate people can do.”

Name : Stoyo Tetevenski
DOB : 07 / 10 / 1995
Citizen : Bulgaria
Major : International Development

What is your reason to join with TFI?

I wanted to teach English in Jakarta and a friend from here told me about TFI. I contacted the organization and met wih Ms. Intan who was very nice to present me the activities and history of TFI. I really liked the atmosphere and the passion of the people to teach the children, so I decided to join and try to experience TFI.

What is your opinion about TFI?

I think the volunteers in TFI are doing an incredible job. They are so kind and patient to the children they teach. As an English teacher I can duly have a lot of respect for them and I wish to be more like them! I felt so much hope, and everybody has been so welcoming to me. The TFI atmosphere is one of that everybody could wish for. I hope there are more people like the teachers in TFI.

What activities have you done in TFI?

I was teaching various classes for four days. I spent three days in the city, teaching 3rd, 7th, and 8th grade. I had experience in trying to teach them Present Continuous, Direct and Indirect speech, and a lot of vocabulary. On Friday, I went outside the city to teach other small kids about numbers and the clock. Other then that, i spent my time talking to the volunteer, and learning a lot about their splendid career plans and thoughts.

Can you give some testimonial about TFI?

TFI is an outstanding example of what young passionate people can do. By spending time and effords, the volunteers of TFI are changing the world for the better, step by step. :)