“I was happy to be able to join TFI.”

Name : Siti Aishah Aboul Fatah
DOB : 21 / 01 / 1993
Citizen : Malaysia
Major : International Business

What is your reason to join with Teach For Indonesia?

I join this program because I would like to know how the process of Teach For Indonesia. Before this I wanted to teach children but I don’t have a change to do so. Hence, when Binus offer me to do internship at Teach For Indonesia, I feel so happy and excited to teach the children. It is a good experience I ever had.

What is your opinion about Teach For Indonesia?

It is a good program because it help children who do not afford to pay for extra tuition. It give them a very good opportunity to enhance their knowledge. It is also good for the volunteer who did love to teach for children.

What activities have you done in Teach For Indonesia?

  • We teach children a basic English words and asking them to memorize it. Besides, help them with pronunciation;
  • Teach them how to calculate correctly.