“TFI is a good program for kids where we students can help give more knowledge to children.”

Name : Moho Khairul Sam B. Muadin
DOB : 08 / 09 / 1993
Citizen : Malaysia
Major : International Business

What is your reason to join with Teach For Indonesia?

My reasons of joining Teach For Indonesia is because of the social responsibility. As we live in the same region or continent it’s an honor to contribute something valuable to the society as obligated as a student as well. Next, because it is my passion. I like to teach kids and I like to share something that I have with other people.

What is your opinion about Teach For Indonesia?

  • Great effort from development program, Binus University to increase the academic achievement and reputation among Indonesian pupils;
  • It should be continuous from time to time / year to year as it seen as another alternative to enhance their academic quality in Indonesia.

What activities have you done in Teach For Indonesia?

  • Assisting students / pupils in reading, counting, spelling, and pronunciation;
  • Class conducted two times per week (Tuesday and Wednesday);
  • We divided into several groups in obligation of assisting, controlling and monitoring the pupils.