“I think Teach For Indonesia is a really good project with a really big potential.”

Name : Lisa Contini
DOB : 13 / 12 / 1994
Citizen : Italy
Major : Sociology

What is your reason to join with Teach For Indonesia?

First of all, I choose to join Teach For Indonesia because I would do a project of volunteer and I thought the teaching program could interest me. I choose it and I try to do it in the best way I could. Second, I choose this project because in the past I never thought to someone so I would do a new experience of work.

What is your opinion about Teach For Indonesia?

I think Teach For Indonesia is a really good project with a really big potential. I say this because I think that information, knowledge and general culture are really important in the life of every human. In Particularly, the knowledge of English language is fundamental today, even if you want to move to another country and you want to travel to discover other people, cultures, believing. I also would like to give an advice, above all for other volunteers that will come here. It’s better if before starting the project teach for Indonesia organizes some briefing or give the material to the volunteers.

What activities have you done in Teach For Indonesia?

We teach in two different school. The first school was a junior high school and the second was a senior high school. It was very interesting to teach in two different school because I experienced two different kind of teaching. Another activity that we have done together was to go to the city of Bogor. It was a really good day and it was useful also to know better guys of Teach For Indonesia.