“I was happy to be able to join TFI.”

Name : Fatin Suriani Arba’in
DOB : 13 / 01 / 1993
Citizen : Malaysia
Major : International Business

What is your reason to join with Teach For Indonesia?

Previously I’ve heard about Teach For Malaysia and have registered to participate it but I didn’t had the change to do so. When I came to Jakarta to do my exchange program, Binus offered me to join TFI instead. That is why I was happy to be able to join TFI.

What is your opinion about Teach For Indonesia?

Teach For Indonesia is a good program which help less fortunate students to get extra classes out of school without any payment. It is also good for the volunteer like us to contribute something to the people. Previously I love to join volunteering programs like cook and feed the homeless and few other NGO events but this is my first experience to teach children.

What activities have you done in Teach For Indonesia?

Basically I’ve been teaching small children aged 7 to 9  years old Mathematics and English subject. For English subject I had a little difficulties when I thought them to spell because the pronunciation of the letters in Bahasa Indonesia and English are different and a little bit confusing for the kids.