“TFI was one of the best experiences I ever had. I was welcome very kindly and I felt free to improve and develop myself on human being TFI made me touch lives and changed my perspective in life forever. I will certainly keep on doing volunteer work in Portugal!!”


Profile Information

Name                    : Carolina  dos  Santos Fialho

Date of Birth        : 26-04-1993

Citizen                  : Portuguese

Education            : Graduated in Media aid cultural studies

Religion                : Atheist

1. What is your reason to join with TFI?

After 3 years studying, I really wanted to do a gap year and feel useful. It was in TFI that I found the opportunity to do more not only for me but for someone else. So, I joined TFI.

2. What is your opini about TFI?

TFI is a growing social association with devoted volunteer. The world needs wore association like TFI because it education growing people by educating younger people it is our duty to share look knowledge.

3. What activities have you done in TFI?

I teach English to young kids.