“I had a very good experience here in Jakarta. It made me happy to help the kids to improve their English. I hope that TFI goes on with their volunteer because they all do a very good job. I was happy that I could have helped you a bit.”

Profile Information

Name    : Anna koeglmeier

DOB       : 09.03.1995

Citizen  : German

Edu        : Student;

Major    : media & culture science

Religion : Catholic

Email     : annakoeglmeier@gmx.de

What is your reason to join with TFI?

I wanted to work in a social project in ASIA and through the student organization AIESEC I found the TFI project here in Jakarta. It sounded interesting and I really wanted to work with kids, so it was a good oppoertunity for my self.

What is your opinion about TFI?

It is such a good thing that there are so many volunteers here. I am impressed by the enthousiasm the volunteers show when they teach the kids. Without the work of TFI, many children would not have so good educational chances. I also think that their work at merapi is such a good help for all the people who lost their homes after the eruption. All the people who work for TFI are so nice and friendly to me/to us. We are so lucky that we work in an organization like TFI!

What activities have you done in TFI?

Teaching the children every Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday afternoon. I teached them basic things in English.