“I see TFI as a good organization. I enjoyed my experienced with you ! Terima Kasih.”

Name : Alessia Salvagnin
DOB : 07 / 12 / 1994
Citizen : Italy
Major : Asia’s Languages (Chinese Language)

What is your reason to join with Teach For Indonesia?

I wanted to try a volunteering experience, supposed to be not one an experience for myself but also, and mainly, for others. Teaching, I think, is one of the best way to feel close to local culture and also an opportunity to learn a new language. In my opinion, to change something is necessary to start from the roots. Society roots are schools because the Children of today will be the adults of tomorrow. So, if we give children the possibility to learn English, we give them the keys to open their minds. The possibility, why not, to travel in the future as I am doing now and moreover to be able to understand better this hard and sometimes complicated world.

What is your opinion about Teach For Indonesia?

I see TFI as a good organization. I found in every staff member an helpful and kind person. Since the first moment I was here, They always tried their best for us and to allow us feel comfortable in this big polluted city. The only suggestion, I would like to give you is to try to give more school materials for the lessons and to understand exactly which is the program that the class are following before starting the project. So that to be able organize a full and useful program step by step for the time that last project, maybe adding a final evaluation test for the students.

What activities have you done in Teach For Indonesia?

I teached mainly in junior high school, “SMK Satria”. During this time, I followed different classes and different English program. In last week, I went twice to elementary to face with a different reality. I also went hangout in bogor for a daily journey, we had lot of fun. Finally, I enjoyed my experienced with you ! Terima Kasih.