Tony Buzan and the Mind Map Tree Planting Project

September 30, 2015

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21 September 2011 – The presence of the father of Mind Mapping, Tony Buzan, at Binus University on Wednesday (21/9) caught the attention of many BINUSIAN. Hundreds of people waited on Admission Lobby of BINUS UNIVERSITY to catch a glimpse of the inventor of Mind Map concept.

Tony Buzan received a warm welcome from the CEO of BINA NUSANTARA Ir. Bernard Gunawan, Rector of BINUS UNIVERSITY Prof. Dr. Ir. Harjanto Prabowo, MM, Strategic Management Director Stephen Wahyudi Santoso, BSE, M.SIST, vice chancellors and officials of BINUS UNIVERSITY.

Before he shared his knowledge regarding the theme Brain vs Technology Entering the Age of Intelligence Successfully, Tony Buzan, CEO of BINUS, Rector of BINUS UNIVERSITY and representatives of lecturers and students planted 10 trees on the yard of BINUS UNIVERSITY.

“It is an honor to have Tony Buzan here and to have him choosing BINUS UNIVERSITY to campaign The Mind Map Tree Planting Project. He came up with the concept of the program, by connecting our way of thinking with nature, and implementing it by showing our concern for the environment,” said Maria Intan Setiadi, Community Development Center Manager of BINUS UNIVERSITY.

Buzan’s visit was a part of the socialization for the Mental Literacy movement, with the main topic of Global Mental Literacy & Making it Work in Indonesia. Meanwhile, the series of events in BINUS UNIVERSITY includes The Mind Map Tree Planting Project and an Evening Talk with the theme of Brain vs Technology Entering the Age of Intelligence Successfully.

In each of his visits, Buzan always organizes a tree-planting movement. He considers tree as a natural object which represents a human mind. Mind Map and tree is almost alike because both have branches and twigs.

Mind Map is also considered to reduce paper usage for working and maximizes one’s mind. Therefore, using the Mind Map method is an effort to preserve the environment, especially trees. By using the method, people are contributing to conservation.

TFI Applies Mind Map

Mind Map is currently encouraged by many, to help people in their learning process. In Mind Map, we are taught of how to make and connect various words and sentences using mapping, which are written in a piece of paper, and to use different colors to differentiate and categorize our mind maps.

In line with the Mind Map program, BINUS Teach For Indonesia (TFI) has been collaborating with BINUS UNIVERSITY Psychology Program to introduce the Mind Map method. They organize free-of-charge programs for 30 Elementary Schools located in vicinity of BINUS UNIVERSITY and other communities.

“Hopefully BINUS UNIVERSITY and its communities can implement his thoughts and methods, and are able to gain inspiration by his presence,” Maria Intan said.

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