Garage Sale is one of the annual activities held by TFI. This year, it was held at the Anggrek campus on 26 August – 4 September 2019, and it will also be held at another BINUS campus. Garage Sale is a fundraising event in the form of basic needs sales, such as cooking oil, white sugar, flour, detergent, dish soap, soy sauce, and instant noodles from BINUSIAN 2023 new students. Then the basic items are sold at lower prices to employees such as cleaning service staff, security guards, drivers, and others, as well as to communities outside of BINUS such as PAUD teachers in Palmerah and other communities. The purpose of Garage Sale is to increase the sense of concern for others and further strengthen the relationship between BINUSIANS and the surrounding community.
The proceeds from these sales will be used for social activities carried out by TFI such as donations towards natural disasters, foster parents, orphanages, and other social activities.