Jakarta, 26 Juli 2017 – Pembentukan karakter yang positif sangat dibutuhkan untuk menciptakan generasi muda Indonesia yang berkualitas. Sebagai lembaga pendidikan, BINUS UNIVERSITY berusaha membekali dan membangun karakter positif mahasiswa sedini mungkin. Selain memberikan mata kuliah Character Building sebagai mata kuliah wajib, mahasiswa juga dilibatkan dalam kegiatan sosial yang dapat meningkatkan rasa kepedulian sosial kepada sesama.
Saat ini buku ilmu pengetahuan yang ditujukan bagi tuna netra masih sangatlah minim, padahal buku adalah media belajar yang efektif termasuk bagi tuna netra. Latar belakang itulah yang membuat Teach for Indonesia (TFI) mengadakan Pengetikan Ulang Buku Untuk Tuna Netra yang dimasukkan ke dalam salah satu agenda Kegiatan Freshmen Enrichment Program (FEP) yang diikuti sekitar 6.000 mahasiswa baru BINUS UNIVERSITY.
Acara yang bertempat di BINUS UNIVERSITY Kampus Anggrek ini dibuka oleh Ibu Nelly, S.Kom, MM selaku Vice Rector Academic Operation & Resources BINUS UNIVERSITY serta dihadiri oleh Kepala Dinas Pendidikan DKI Jakarta, Ketua yayasan Mitra Netra, dan Ketua Yayasan MIMI Institute.
Proses pengetikan ulang buku untuk tuna netra ini akan dibagi ke dalam 5 gelombang yang dilakukan serentak oleh seluruh mahasiswa baru BINUS UNIVERSITY yang tersebar di Kampus BINUS Kemanggisan, Alam Sutra, Bekasi, BINUS @Bandung, dan BINUS @Malang dengan total 6.000 lebih mahasiswa baru. Acara ini adalah yang kedua kalinya diadakan oleh Teach For Indonesia (TFI). Sebelumnya, acara serupa pernah diadakan pada tahun 2013 dan memecahkan rekor MURI sebagai volunteer terbanyak dalam kegiatan pengetikan ulang buku.
Melalui acara ini diharapakan dapat menumbuhkan kepedulian sosial bagi mahasiswa baru BINUS UNIVERSITY dan memberikan kontribusi bagi pendidikan di Indonesia khususnya bagi penderita tuna netra.


Book Rewriting for the Blind by New Students of BINUS UNIVERSITY

Jakarta, July 26, 2017 – The formation of positive character is very much needed to create quality Indonesian young generation. As an educational institution, BINUS UNIVERSITY tries to equip and build positive character of students as early as possible. In addition to providing Character Building courses as compulsory subjects, students are also involved in social activities that can increase their sense of social concern for others.

At present science books aimed at the blind are still very minimal, even though the book is an effective learning medium, including for the blind. It was this background that made Teach for Indonesia (TFI) hold a Retype of Books for the Blind which was included in one of the activities of the Freshmen Enrichment Program (FEP) which was attended by around 6,000 new students of BINUS UNIVERSITY.

The event which took place at BINUS UNIVERSITY, the Anggrek Campus was opened by Mrs. Nelly, S.Kom, MM as the Vice Rector of Academic Operations & Resources at BINUS UNIVERSITY and attended by the Head of DKI Jakarta Education Office, Chairperson of Mitra Netra Foundation, and Chairperson of the MIMI Institute Foundation.

The book retype process for the blind will be divided into 5 waves which are carried out simultaneously by all BINUS UNIVERSITY new students spread across the BINUS Kemanggisan Campus, Alam Sutra, Bekasi, BINUS @Bandung, and BINUS @Malang with a total of more than 6,000 new students. This event is the second time held by Teach For Indonesia (TFI). Previously, a similar event had been held in 2013 and broke MURI’s record as the most volunteers in book retyping activities.

It is hoped that this event can foster social awareness for new students of BINUS UNIVERSITY and contribute to education in Indonesia, especially for blind people.

HRCI GPHR Study Guide

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