Bagi BINUSIAN yang sedang mengambil mata kuliah “Skripsi / Tugas Akhir” namun belum memenuhi minimal 30 community service hour, mohon kesediaannya untuk datang ke kantor Teach For Indonesia, Anggrek Campus untuk berkonsultasi dengan “Pak Tangkas”. Atas perhatiannya kami ucapkan terima kasih.


Salam Komunitas.



Teach For Indonesia


To All Students Who Are Taking Thesis / Final Projects


For BINUSIAN who are taking the “Thesis / Final Project” course but have not met the minimum 30 community service hours, please be willing to come to the Teach For Indonesia office, Campus Orchid to consult with “Pak Tangkas”. Thank you for your attention.

Greetings Community.


Teach For Indonesia

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