Dicari volunteer baru bimbel batch 4 untuk mengajar di tanggal 11 April 2017 :

Jadwal Tes Matematika untuk pendaftar Bimbel Batch 4 :


Tempat :  TBC ( Akan diumumkan tanggal 29 Maret 2017 via email )

Hari : Kamis

Tanggal : 30 Maret 2017

Jam : TBC ( Akan diumumkan tanggal 29 Maret 2017 via email )

Perihal : Test Matematika ( Materi test : tinyurl.com/silabusbimbel ). Selanjutnya, peserta diwajibkan untuk membawa hardcopy toefl result (hasil test bahasa Inggris) ketika tes berlangsung.



Detail :

Materi pelajaran yang diajarkan pada bimbel adalah matematika dan bahasa inggris berdasarakan tingkatan jenjang sekolahnya :

  1. Selasa (Kelas 1 SD, Kelas 4 SD, dan Kelas 7 SMP).
  2. Rabu (Kelas 2 SD, Kelas 5SD, dan Kelas 8 SMP).
  3. Kamis (Kelas 3 SD, Kelas 6 SD, Kelas 9 SMP ).

di BINUS University kampus kijang setiap pukul 15.00-17.00 WIB. Bagi peserta yang diterima sebagai volunteer pengajar bimbel batch 4, setiap 30 menit sebelum perbimbelan dimulai diharuskan sudah sampai kampus kijang untuk di brieifng dan mengikuti evaluasi pengajaran di setiap akhir sesi kegiatan bimbel selesai.


Transportasi :

Menggunakan kendaraan masing-masing (Swadaya).

Benefit :

  1. Mendapatkan 10 jam comserv jika volunteer melakukan kegiatan selama 5x (Binusian Only). Jika volunteer tidak dapat hadir, maka volunteer wajib menginformasikannya kepada Pihak TFI  beserta bukti ketidakhadirannya. Contoh: jika memiliki schedule kelas pengganti, maka volunteer wajib menscreenshot schedule tersebut dan memberikannya kepada : bwicaksono@binus.edu


Persyaratan :

  1. Memiliki keinginan / hasrat mengajar anak-anak.
  2. Menyukai anak-anak.
  3. Memiliki emosi yang stabil ( Sabar menghadapi anak kecil ).
  4. Mahasiswa/Mahasiswi sedang tidak menjalani program 3+1
  5. Sudah mengikuti semua program Character Building


Note :

Bagi yang sudah mendaftar dan lulus test matematika akan kami follow – up kembali via email untuk informasi training selanjutnya. Lalu mohon konfirmasi kesanggupannya via email ke : bwicaksono@binus.edu untuk mengikuti training, jika sudah mengkonfirmasi namun tidak datang pada hari H akan kami masukan dalam “Low Priority List”. Terima kasih. Salam Komunitas^^


LINK PENDAFTARAN : https://goo.gl/forms/dxxTr5sOMoGfS3353


Untuk informasi lebih lanjut dapat mengkonfirmasi ke email : bwicaksono@binus.edu


Looking for volunteers to teach Tutoring on April 11, 2017

Math Test Schedule for Tutoring Batch 4 registrants:

Venue: (Will be announced March 29, 2017 via email)


Date: March 30, 2017

Hours: (Will be announced March 29, 2017 via email)

Subject: Mathematics Test (Test material: tinyurl.com/silabusbimbel). Furthermore, participants are required to bring a hard copy of the result toefl (English test results) when the test takes place.



The subject matter taught in tutoring is mathematics and English based on the school level:

Tuesday (Class 1 Elementary School, Class 4 Elementary School, and Class 7 Middle School).

Wednesday (Class 2 Elementary School, Class 5SD, and Class 8 Middle School).

Thursday (Class 3 Elementary School, Class 6 Elementary School, Class 9 Middle School).

at BINUS University deer campus every time at 3:00 to 17:00 WIB. For participants who are accepted as volunteers in Bimbel batch 4 teaching, every 30 minutes before the tutoring begins it is necessary to reach the Kijang campus to be educated and take part in the teaching evaluation at the end of each session.


Using each vehicle (Swadaya).


Get 10 hours comserv if volunteers do activities for 5 times (Binusian Only). If the volunteer is unable to attend, then the volunteer must inform TFI with the evidence of his absence. Example: if you have a substitute class schedule, then the volunteer must take a screenshot of the schedule and give it to: bwicaksono@binus.edu


Have a desire / desire to teach children.

Like the children.

Having stable emotion (patience with children).

Student is not currently undergoing a 3 + 1 program

Already followed all Character Building programs


For those who have registered and passed the math test, we will follow up via email for further training information. Then please confirm your ability via email to: bwicaksono@binus.edu to take part in the training, if you have confirmed but did not come on the D-day we will enter it in the “Low Priority List”. Thanks. Greetings Community ^^

REGISTRATION LINK: https://goo.gl/forms/dxxTr5sOMoGfS3353

For further information, you can confirm to email: bwicaksono@binus.edu

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