Berikut kami lampirkan donasi berupa uang yang ditransfer ke rekening kami dari tanggal 23 September – 29 September 2016.


Garut Care Donation on 23 – 29 September 2016

Below are donations in the form of money that transferred to our account from September 23 to September 29, 2016.

Tanggal Nama  Jumlah
24/09/2016 Mike  Rp    2,000,000.00
25/09/2016 Indriati Jusuf  Rp    5,000,000.00
25/09/2016 Roshella Rois  Rp        150,000.00
25/09/2016 Daniel Laoh  Rp        100,000.00
25/09/2016 Natalia  Rp        200,000.00
26/09/2016 Ririd  Rp        100,000.00
28/09/2016 Martini Gunawan  Rp        300,000.00
28/09/2016 NN  Rp    1,814,300.00
28/09/2016 Andyni Khosasih  Rp        200,000.00
29/09/2016 Andreas Saptono  Rp          50,000.00
29/09/2016 Surya  Rp        300,000.00
Total  Rp  10,214,300.00



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