Pada tanggal 6 Agustus 2016. Teach For Indonesia bersama Global Peace Foundation ( mengadakan penyuluhan tentang kebersihan lingkungan & pelatihan seni di Rusunawa Flamboyan, Cengkareng, Jakarta Barat. Kegiatan kebersihanĀ dilakukan dengan permainan yang bertujuanĀ mengajak anak-anak Rusunawa untuk membersihkan lingkungan secara bersama-sama. Kemudian, pelatihan seni yang diadakan ditujukan kepada ibu-ibu Rusunawa. Semoga dengan adanya kegiatan ini, kebersihan lingkungan dan kreatifitas ibu-ibu di Rusunawa dapat meningkat.

Mari kita jaga kebersihan lingkungan kita secara bersama-sama!! Semangattttt!!!


Salam Komunitas ^^


Environmental Sanitation Counseling & Art Training in Flamboyan Flat, Cengkareng 6 August 2016

On August 6, 2016. Teach For Indonesia together with the Global Peace Foundation ( held an education about environmental cleanliness & art training in Flamboyan flat, Cengkareng, West Jakarta. Cleaning activities are carried out with games aimed at inviting Rusunawa children to clean the environment together. Then, the art training that was held was aimed at flat mothers. Hopefully with this activity, environmental cleanliness and creativity of mothers in flat can be improved.


Let’s keep our environment clean together !! Cheer up !!!

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