Hi Sahabat TFI,

Hari Sabtu dan Senin (12 & 14 Maret 2016), TFI turut membantu kegiatan donor darah yang diselenggarakan rutin di Mall @ Alam Sutera.

Jumlah Volunteer yang membantu sebanyak 20 orang, dan kantong darah yang terkumpul di hari Sabtu sebanyak 268, dan hari Senin 210 kantong darah.

Terima kasih atas kontribusi rekan-rekan semua :)

Salam Komunitas.


Blood Donation March 2016

Hi TFI Friends

Saturday and Monday (12 & 14 March 2016), TFI also helps blood donation activities which are held regularly at Mall @ Alam Sutera.

The number of Volunteers who assisted as many as 20 people, and blood bags collected on Saturday as many as 268, and Monday 210 blood bags.

Thank you for the contribution of all colleagues :)

Greetings Community.


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