TFI dalam Acara Lokakarya Nasional

November 20, 2015

Jakarta, 20 November 2015 – Tepat kemarin (19/11/15) TFI hadir dalam acara Lokakarya Nasional. Ibu Maria Intan Setiadi, selaku Manager Community Development Centre TFI diundang sebagai pembicara dalam acara Lokakarya Nasional dengan tema “Pemberdayaan Masyarakat untuk Mendorong Terwujudnya Tata Kelola Demokratis melalui Kemitraan antara Universitas dengan Para Pemangku Kepengtingan” untuk membagikan pengalaman serta cerita seputar pembinaan komunitas yang sudah dilakukan selama ini.

Yuk, terus semangat bervolunteer :)

Salam Komunitas

TFI in the National Workshop

(11/19/15) TFI attended the National Workshop. Ms. Maria Intan Setiadi, as TFI Community Development Center Manager was invited as a speaker at the National Workshop with the theme “Community Empowerment to Promote Democratic Governance through Partnerships between Universities and Stakeholders” to share experiences and stories about community coaching that have been done during community development this.


Come on, keep the spirit of volunteer :)


Greetings Community

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