Joining the TFI team was a truly remarkable experience. I was fortunate to be surrounded with amazing people at all times from organizers to volunteers. The volunteering program at TFI opened my eyes to new experiences. We taught English twice a week to unprivileged middle-school students in Nurani Insani School. We also travelled three times a week to Sitanala, Tangerang in West Java to teach English to elementary students who are living among Leprosy patients. I learned about the leprosy disease and I got to meet some of the patients too. During my volunteering program an unfortunate natural event happened in Jakarta, the central business district of the city and some other neighbourhoods have experienced heavy floods. TFI postponed all of their activities and focused on helping the flood victims. I was really proud to be part of the TFI rescue missions, we helped to evacuate the victims and we also provided them with basic supplies (food, medicine, and clothes).

The TFI team is like a big extended family. We always shared meals together, and on some weekends we travelled to other cities and did some site seeing. I will never forget the Bandung trip that I made with my three best mates from TFI. Me, Ryan, Yanto, and Hendry all went on a road trip to the famous Botanical Gardens, one of the most beautiful gardens I ever seen. Then we travelled to Bandung to visit the Tangkuban Perahu Volcano, it was a truly amazing natural phenomena.

Motivation for me has been always related to rewards, as a volunteer there were numerous rewards. What really motivated me to join the volunteering program at TFI is the fact that I could assist children who are less fortunate then I am. Furthermore, I had the opportunity to learn the ancient art of Batic. Besides then learning a new culture, I learned leadership skills from the organizers at TFI and from the volunteers themselves who were always there when needed. Making a difference in someone’s life is alone a priceless reward.